What it was really like going to an all girls school (lesbian antics, boys, gossip, fights)

I went to an all girls secondary school with over 2000 girls, it was a big school and quite an experience. I thought I would share with you what it’s really like going to an all girls school and debunking some myths or preconceptions you might have.

Lesbian antics

It was filled with giant lesbian sleepovers, pillow fights, mud wrestles, orgies and girls get it on every second of every school day. 

That is a joke 

I hate to ruin you fantasy but it was nothing like that. I’m sure the whole school couldn’t of been straight but no one ‘came out’ while I was at a school and I didn’t know of any lesbian activity going on. I’m sure some girls wanted to come out but I imagine they kept it to them selves to save the reticule of ‘ewww does that mean you fancy me?’ ‘Your not watching me get changed for PE’ etc. Hopefully as times have changed in the last 15 years people would be more open to coming out but when I was there there’s no way it would of happened. 


As there were no boys in the school the other sex became a fascination. If there was a youngish new male teacher everyone would hover round their department trying to catch a glimps of the eye candy. If there were men in the school grounds doing maintenance work holy hell you’d think a celebrity was at the school! Hoards of girls running around like headless chickens trying to sniff out the testosterone. Once they found it they would group up like cattle and stare. Don’t know why I’m saying ‘they’ as I used to do this too! 


Now this was a whole new ball game, you had to be so careful who you spoke to and trusted, or the fact that you were fingered by Danny McGee would be half way round the school by first period. Girls would literally run from one class room to the next at lunch time shouting the gossip. Nothing was a secret everything was public knowledge and it was mortifing, if you were the topic of conversation that week your life would be a living hell. I used to feel so sorry for which ever girl was being ridiculed that week as it was relentless. This also applied for rumours, someone was always allegedly pregnant, sleeping with a teacher, being expelled or caught drunk at school.

Appearances matter 

Bearing in mind there were no boys at the school to impress, looking back this one seemed a bit daft. I would literally get up early to do my hair, makeup and to roll my skirt up making it into a belt. Everyone cared about their appearance far more than they should and went to great lengths to look immaculate for school. Girls can be NASTY, their sharp tongues can cut you in half if your not careful, so most people made the effort so not to a target.


You would think at an all girls school there wouldn’t be many physical fights, I’m afraid you are wrong! Fights were a weekly occurrence and incredibly entertaining for those not involved. You would hear the word “FIGHT!!!” Being screamed through the corridors and shortly after a stampede of girls trying to get a look. It was the highlight of the week and fuelled the gossip train until the next persons embarrassing secrets were exposed!

I hope you enjoyed this little insight of an all girls school. I’d love to hear in the comments below if you went to a same sex school and if you can relate to any of these points!

The Secret Blog of a 30 Year Old

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    • Heya! Actually it wasn’t a private !It was hard to get into and was considered a beacon school but it was freeeee which was nice for my parents 😂 they had crazy high standards educationally so it was a good school but a social minefield 😂xxx

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  1. Ours was private, but after year nine everything changed and went weird. People I had previously liked ended up being awful people and everyone was moved around to different forms. I was a struggling bisexual and kept that one clamped to my chest. Better to say you’d slept with a thousand boys than be caught in love with your best friend. X

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    • Yes!!!! I found the tipping point was Year 9 too, it was quite sweet before that. That must of been really difficult for you holding that in, but I completely understand y u did. You would of been throwing yourself to the lions! I think only those that have been in that environment would understand xxxx

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