He got kicked out of college to spend time with me?! Wtf?! (stalker)

I had forgotten this story as it happened about 12 years ago now (that makes me feel old) but something reminded me of it today so I thought I’d share it with you all. 

When I started college I met a boy, let’s call him….Gary. Gary was a fairly short guy with long greasy hair, baggy jeans and a skateboard. So exactly the same as most of the other boys in my life, at the time.

When we met I told him what A levels I was studying and it turned he was doing a few the same so we had a lot in common but weren’t in any of each other’s classes. I was really into art and photography and so was he, so we bonded over this. We also smoked the same menthal cigarettes so spent most of our free time in the smoking area. 

Everyone had different schedules, which meant most of us were on our own for a our free periods. The first few weeks of term I adapted to this quite well, using it as time to do my homework. Occasionally I’d see Gary on the same free period, and he would come and sit with me basically watching me work. I didn’t mind, I’d noticed I’d never seen him with any other friends so I kinda felt sad for him. 

Over the next few weeks this went from seeing him occasionally, to him being with me every free period I had. He told me he’d moved classes and it was just coincidence. I had a feeling he might of had a crush on me but I had a boyfriend at the time who I had been with for a while and was a lot older than me so I ignored Gary’s crush thinking he’d get over it eventually as I in no shape or form fancied him, which I made clear. I was stupidly head over heels for my older man and everyone he knew me, knew that.

I lived quite far away from my college, it was a 25 minute walk to the station, a long train ride home and then a good 45 minute walk to my house. As my friends and boyfriend were in my home town if I wasn’t at college I was in my home town. Gary lived right by the college and knew no one who lived over my way. He started ringing me Saturday mornings saying he had just gotten off the train, was in my town and did I want to hang out, I found this really weird as he would come on his own and have no reason to come here apart from to see me. 

As my boyfriend worked long hours our weekends were spent together so I always said sorry no I’m busy. I once asked him at college what he was doing over my way every Saturday, thinking maybe he knew people I didn’t know about, but he said “just in case I get to see you.” 

Alarm bells 

I tried distancing myself a bit from Gary, as well as him turning up all the time he was constantly ringing and texting, even if I didn’t reply he’d keep trying until I’d eventually give in. My boyfriend was getting really annoyed with this guy and threatened to come up to college with me to “tell the little fucker to back off”. Although Gary was creeping me out I didn’t want to see him beaten up, which is inevitable what would of happened, so I let Gary know my boyfriend wasn’t happy and that he needed to cool it with the texts. 

After a few months of this I was getting more and more uncomfortable, and avoided him at all costs. Until one day he found me hiding, when I looked up at him he was crying. He told me he was being kicked out of college, for not going to classes. He continues to tell me that every single time I had a free period (which was at least once a day) he was meant to be in class!! And had not been going to spend time with me. He told me I had ruined his future and it was all my fault! 

Well, Miss Secret Blog was rather sassy back then, and this was the last straw, so I told him he was a fucking idiot. He knew I had a boyfriend that I loved dearly and that I had made that perfectly clear from the beginning. I never asked him to miss classes. That was his choice to lie and miss class, he had done this to himself and there was no one to blame but himself. I had never once flirted with him or done anything to give him the impression that I fancied him. Done, peace out, fuck off. 

After that, I only saw him once. He turned up at college begging me to talk to him and had to be escorted off the premises. Even thinking about that now makes me cringe he was screaming and shouting and made a right old scene. 

Something I miss being a teenager, until I think back to times like this!!!!

Have you ever had creepy teenage boys stalk you?! I would love to hear in the comments below!

The Secret Blog of a 30 Year Old

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  1. Nope, never had a teenage boy stalking me. And I’ve never stalked teenage boys. I’ve never stalked a girl, but I’ve thought about it to the point of obsession. I’ve got a few years left in me, so, maybe I can experience it one day?

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  2. I dated a guy who was 21 when I was 15. He was my friend’s brother, and I thought he was so cute…at first. I really didn’t think he’d be interested since I was so much younger, but he was. Things went ok for a few months, but he was too clingy and it drove me nuts. Every time I’d tell him he was annoying me, he’d apologize for like 30 min straight and beg me not to break up with him. Idk if he was really insecure or what, but he was always afraid to piss me off and he’d do anything I told him to. He would go out of his way not to argue with me and that drove me crazy too, because he didn’t have the balls to express his opinion or stand up to me at all. Anyway, it was so ridiculous that my friends started trying to think of crazy stuff for me to tell him to do, just to see if he would. This dude ate my scab. No lie. I know it was super wrong for me to even tell him to, but I was 15 so it was hilarious. Once I turned 16 and got my own car, I broke up with him. He lost his mind. Everywhere I went, he ended up there and always tried to play it off like it was a coincidence. One day while a friend and I were at a restaurant eating, she goes omg look! She pointed at the car dealership across the street and the dude was under one of the cars watching us!?!? He eventually moved away, but I saw him after 20 years and he came up and asked me if I ever still wonder what could have been between us. I told him to gtfo. I was 15! Did ya think we were gonna get married?!?!

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  3. Not a stalker no but we used to hang out as a small group and one of the lads decided he fancied me just as I met my older boyfriend. So I had to let him down gently. He then proceeded to tell everyone that he’d turned me down and that’s why I ended up with my boyfriend! Teenage boys are weird and sometimes arseholes. I’m hoping my 3 year ols grows up not to be either!

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  4. That’s scary! I’m glad he didn’t try to actually to do anything to you. *has watched too many crime shows* I haven’t ever had a stalker, but I did have one guy friend who…I didn’t realize until long after the fact…thought we were an item. Even though I told him point blank I would never go out with him. But, I guess being friendly erases all of that.

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    • Haha I watch that kind of thing too!! I seemed to attract the stalker like types when I was younger, I have a few more stories up my sleeve!! Oh no lol that doesn’t sound like fun, it is odd how even when you tell them no they seem to think they still have a chance! Xxx


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