My slimming world food/drink essentials!!!

Recently I fell off the food wagon again, before I could get back on it I went and did a huge food shop. This got me thinking, if I don’t have certain essentials I really struggle to stick with it. But when I have my essentials I am unstoppable, a weight loosing machine! So here are my slimming world essentials I need to succeed.


I realise tummy wise not everyone is able to do this, but I have 3 eggs for breakfast in the morning. It fills me up and stops me using up my B choice so early in the day, which in turn stops me going off track. 

2. Apples

As I am constantly on the go it’s important that at least some of my speed food is ready to grab and eat. After my eggs I’ll grab two apples and eat them while I’m out and about. 

3. Brown wholemeal wraps

At lunch these are a god send, unlike the tiny bread you get as a B choice a wholemeal wrap can trick your self into thinking your eating something huge! I stuff mine with ham turkey lettuce and a dab of mayo. Yummy filling and can be eaten anywhere. 

4. Muller light yogurts

These are my sweet treats, if I’m peckish or want to eat a packet of kitkats I’ll reach for a mullet light to curb that sweet tooth. It’s a shame they’re so expensive, I also find it difficult to find the more interesting flavours. These issues aside they’re still always in my fridge! 

5. Syn free sandwich meat

As well as stuffing my wrap with handfuls of turkey and ham, I make sure I have extra to snack on. When hunger kicks in and it’s not dinner time it’s very easy for me to go off track as I can’t be bothered or I don’t have the time to prepare something substantial. This is where the sandwich meat comes in, it fills me up and keeps the hunger at bay. 

6. Un sweetened Almond milk 

I am not vegan by any means but I’m a big fan of almond milk, as well as loving the taste you are allowed approximately 500ml as your healthy A choice!! You’ll want to double check that as each brand is different. My favourite is Amond Breeze, it’s so creamy and yummy I could drink it all day. It also tastes good in coffee whereas some other brands have a very strange taste. 

7. Vodka

Last but not least it’s vodka! I save myself a tonne of syns in the summer by having vodka around, I love sweet fruit ciders but they are super high in syns so instead I’ll have a vodka with Diet Coke or with diet Fanta to make it different. Which is 2 syns per shot of vodka, I have a measuring glass the ensure I’m using the right amount and not going over. 

Thank you for reading my essentials list! I love reading other people’s ticks and tricks so thought I’d start sharing mine. Soon I’ll write a post on my favourite treats and syns which might give you some ideas of what to munch on! 

What can you not live without on slimming world?! I’d love to hear in the comments below.

The Secret Blog of a 30 Year Old

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  1. Im all about staying hydrated so i alwagz have water, propel(flavored water-strawberry kiwi my fav)

    I’m never without oatmeal for breakfast

    Self made salad for lunch with light dressing

    Apple’s are an easy to go snack, along with nuts and more fruit

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