Slimming world update! Week one (AGAIN) weigh in!

Some of may be thinking, “I’ve seen this post before?!” And yes, yes you have. You see I am weak willed at times and my healthy eating goes in and out the window like a pogo. I do have to say though, I always get back on it more determine than ever. 

After several weeks of naughtiness I decided on Monday enough was enough, I didn’t weigh myself as I didn’t want to see the damage. Instead I thought I’d be good for 5 days then weigh myself. 

So pleased I did!

I am 3 pounds heavier than I was before I started eating shite and went off track. I’m happy with that! It actually physically stopped me grabbing for the choc hobnobs for breakfast, instead I’m snuggled back in bed writing this. Debating on going for a poo then weighing again, (don’t act offended or disgusted we all do it!)

I really thought I would of had a bigger gain, ever after being good for 5 days. Happy relief ! As in my head I’d put on every pound I had lost.

I am 6 pounds off my 3 stone, I Know if I put my mind to it I can loose that in a week, two at most. So this is my short term weight goal.

My next goal will to be in the next stone down so that’ll be 4.5 pounds on top of the 6. That is a number of not seen in quite sometime.

8 weeks until my birthday night away, I can do this!

How has your weekly weigh in gone I’d love to hear in the comments below?!

The Secret Blog of a 30 Year Old

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