Stupid things I did as a teenager-part three-(I ripped her piercing out)

When I was 18 I had one goal. I wanted to run up a wall, flip over and land on my feet. I was about half the size I am now so it wasn’t as ridiculous as me trying now. One of my best friend did cheerleading when she was young so felt she was qualified to make my goal happen. Cheerleading is quite rare in the U.K. So the chance of me knowing someone who could teach me was handy. She was the friend I went to Paris with (Ridiculously embarrassing panic attack on the Eiffel Tower ) and most of my crazy stories involve her.

We decided the best time to try this stunt was when we were drunk walking home from the pub. It became our weekend tradition. I would run towards the wall, grab hold of her hand as I tried to run up the wall, but everytime would kind of get stuck horizontally while she held me up. I wish I could of seen what we looked like it must of been hilarious. 

My lovely friend happened to have a skin piercing in between her index finger and her thumb (you know what’s coming…) Friday night came rolling round and yet again we were trying to flip me. I didn’t know at the time but this was the last Friday I would ever attempt this trick again. As I grabbed her hand to run up the wall my bare feet slipped on the brick and as I fell I ripped out her piercing. 

From the amount of blood it looked like I’d ripped off her finger, we all started screaming, We couldn’t figure what what had happened until I noticed the little hoop that was once in her hand, was on the floor.  

Where we were so drunk everyone cracked up laughing, my friend… not so much!! However years on she loves re-telling this story, so technically I did her a favour by creating such a unique memory. 

I’d love to hear your stupid stories in the comments below!

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