Is indecisiveness part of bipolar?! 

Sometimes I find it incredibly hard to make desisions. What to get for a takeaway, Chinese or Indian? Which dress shall I buy, the blue or the black? Which park shall I take the kids to, the small one or the big one? I seem to go through phases where my mind goes blank and I can’t decide anything! 

Other times when I’m given options it’s as clear as day what I want and I don’t even have to think about it. It’s pretty annoying as most of the time I know exactly what I want and what to do to get it. When the brain fog kicks in I’m like a different person. 

For example for my 30th in July my mum wants to buy me a really nice ring to wear all the time and to pass on to my daughter. Deciding what to get has been a nightmare!! This is something I would normally find easy to decide, so my question to you is, does my bipolar have anything to do with this?! 

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10 thoughts on “Is indecisiveness part of bipolar?! ”

  1. Yes it does.
    Does NOT being bi-polar cause indecision? Yes it does.
    Does this society with 500 brands of salad dressing, 200 brands of tooth paste, 100 different cell phone plans and on and on cause indecision? Ya..

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  2. Definitely. I have the same experience with indecisiveness and bipolar. It’s gotten much better, but it would annoy then hell out of my friends.

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  3. I’m sooo terrible at decision making! But it seems that I’ll impulsively make split-second decisions on the major choices, but when it comes to choosing new underwear, I’ll stand there for 45 min trying to decide which colors I want. It’s so annoying!

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