Fitting in “the dress”

For the millionth time I am back on slimming world, I realise I wrote something similar a while ago but we’re back here again! It will be my 30th birthday night away with the girls in 8 weeks time. I have WASTED the past year titting about, loosing and gaining etc I know I’m not going to be where I wanted to for my 30th. But that’s ok, as long as I feel like I’ve tried my best on the run up to the night I know I’ll still feel good. 

My friend found me a gorgeous 50s style dress (photo above) that I have decided is the perfect party dress. My other half is going to get it for me as my pressie. I am ordering a size that I know would fit me now, but would look better if a lost a few pounds so either way it’ll be worn. 

The night away was booked this morning and the dress will be ordered tomorrow. The weight loss race is on. 8 weeks to go, I know from past experience I can loose a lot in 8 weeks as I have a lot of weight to loose. So I’m going to it it hard and do the best I possibly can. 

How are you doing with your weight loss? What’s your short term goal? I’d love to hear in the comments below!

The Secret Blog of a 30 Year Old

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  1. Short term goals.. hmmm… Well mine, for sure, is to go swimming more this Summer. Last Summer, I went swimming a whopping one time.

    I know the benefits of swimming are incredible, and I would love to see myself improve my health while doing something I really like to do. A few laps can be a great workout!

    I think you’ve earned a follow from me, now! I hope you’ll return the favor so we can keep each other motivated! I’ll keep track of your 8-week progress!

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    • Heya Jacob! Thank you so much! That’s a great goal and it’s one of mine too😊 I recently over came my fear of the swimming costume lol it’s opened up a whole a new world I’m loving it. Just need to make more time to go around the kids and work! You’ve got your follow! Xxx


  2. Wow what a dress. I just eat what I want in moderation. Not the whole bag of chips just a handful, not the whole pan of brownines just one, if I want to trick myself I will cut them small and have 2 LOL. I’m a lot older than you so it’s easier to fool myself 🙂

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  3. Wow the dress is gorgeous hun. Rock it. I actually wanted go get a dress too to rock the town in for my birthday in July, but I think I may just get an outfit that I won’t sweat my butt in.
    As for the weight I have gone back and forth but since the addition of another dog I am all fitness (trying to be) I go on more walks than ever and ride my bike at least twice a week when I can get away from the girls.
    I haven’t stepped on a scale for some weeks, so this morning I decided let’s see. I mean some of my clothes are way loose, and I’ve gone back to the original notches on my belt. Needless to say I’ve gone down 3 pant sizes and down 1 shirt size (the most difficult for me)
    Anywho, wish you the best and I can’t wait to hear how you be done in 8 weeks. I’m hoping to be down at least 20 lb by my July birthday, while everyone around me us saying it will be more, we shall see.

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  4. Hello just found your blog. I’ve started a blog recently and just posted my first slimming world blog! My goals for june are to keep pushing forwards and sticking to plan 100%. If that’s not possible I’m going to make the best choices possible where possible! Good luck on your journey 🙂

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  5. At 30 you’ll get to achieve your weight loss. At 50+, losing weight is a miracle. I eat very little and if I cut down anymore I’ll be eating air. So you go girl! Do it for us in our 50s.

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  6. Hello friends. This is an amazing idea that you are doing I am beyond impressed. But what you should know is that you shouldn’t care what works for others.

    I have doctoral and post grad education and I am a certified nerd. I also own a wellness center with multiple weight loss center locations as well as online program.

    Now, this is the SURPRISING PART, I see my clients o weekly basis and I run a 18 unit scanner each week. So everything we try and is written and the scan shows if it worked or not. You will be AMAZED by how nothing works the same for person to person.
    Now this is what I would suggest, do your own weight loss analysis! Something like how your SEO works. And then you realized how your body is following a pattern. Learn what works, reappear what works and stay for ever away from dieting.
    Also, read some neurbiofeedback studies about habits. I know some great ones but since I didn’t comment here for marketing nor I want to sound like I’m doing that. I won’t say any names but if you are interested to know more, let me know.
    Again very inspiring to see your approach and proud to see you have a goal and you are pressuring it with plans. Good luck

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