Dying my suede boots DIY

I recently bought a £50 pair of light grey ankle boots, I ordered them online and as soon as I saw them I knew I would never wear them. They were sooooo light in colour they made me feet look huge, I also couldn’t get used to something being on my feet that wasn’t black or leopard print! Stupidly I wore them outside so knew I couldn’t return them. I tried my best to get used to them but it wasn’t happening. 

After them living in my shoes cupboard for a month I thought fuck it lets dye them! Something I hadn’t tried before, I did feel bad as they were £50 but I wasn’t wearing them anyway so was worth a shot. 

This is the dye I bought:

I was concerned i might of needed two boxes but was pleasantly surprised that it was just enough! 

A few things I would definitely recommend,:

  • WEAR GLOVES this stuff stains like a bitch I’m so pleased I did! 
  • What ever you put the dye in when you pour it out the bottle also really stains so use an old bowl you can just throw away after. 
  • As I’m a cocky so and so I decided against taping up the edges of the soles, instead I used a tiny paint brush for the edges, this worked like a charm. But I am used to painting in detail so if your not maybe give the tape a go as well as the brush.
  • This is addictive i actually am thinking of buying all my shoes in the wrong colour just to dye them. 

Overall it was not as hard as I thought it would be and I really enjoyed the experience! Any questions please comment below!

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