Good things about petrol heads….

I have a series on my blog called “annoying things about…” in which I rant and moan about what ever is annoying me! *i will be sorting out my menus soon to make them easier to find!* I wrote a post Annoying things about petrol heads which I still fully stand by, but on this occasion I thought, it was only fair to write about the good things too, as it’s not all doom and gloom. My other half is the ultimate petrol head so I feel I have betrayed him slightly and am going to level out the playing field. 

Car knowledge

This is quite baffling to me, a petrol heads car knowledge is astounding. Not just on their own car, but with cars in general. How everything in the car works, what could be broken and why… and if there’s something they’re unsure of you can bet your life they’ll know where to find the answer. 

Being able to fix cars

This one is soooooooo handy I have to say, and rather selfish of me, the vast majority of issues I have had with my cars my other half can fix. In the 10 years we’ve been together I can count on one hand the amount of times I’ve had to use a garage due to his crazy skills. This leads onto the next point…. 

Cheap parts

They know exactly where to go to get the best quality/priced parts they have connections everywhere and can always get a good deal. They know when you can get away with cheaper bits and when you need genuine. My other half has managed to wangle trade cards at a few car part shops which has saved us money ! It’s all about who you know.

Making friends and being happy

As much as I can not stand car shows I’m so pleased that my other half has them in his life, not that I will ever admit that to him!! In his day to day life he’s quite an introvert and isn’t overly social, he has told me before that he worries that people find him boring as not many people share his interest so passionately. Whereas at car shows he is with like minded people who understand the love and can hold a conversation with him because they get what he is talking about. He works so hard all week I think it’s nice he gets to go off and do his own thing from time to time. He comes back happy, which is all I want him to be. Even if it’s with his stupid car…

Do you have your own petrol head?!

What do you love about petrol heads I’d love to hear in the comments below. 

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