Annoying things about cooking dinners (rant)

I am sick to fucking death of trying to figure out what everyone wants for dinner!!!! Here are the things that drive me crazy, we’ve gone bullet point style today as there are so many!

  • I’m sick of food shopping and handing over my well earned cash week after week.
  • I’m sick of remembering to bring my shopping bags when I go shopping. 
  • I’m sick of putting the food shopping away.
  • I’m sick of forgetting one essential ingredient to every meal I have planned that week.
  • I’m sick of asking what people want for dinner, buying what they ask, then they don’t want it. 
  • I’m sick of being told “I don’t mind what we’re having for dinner cook what ever you want” then once dinner  is cooked they moaned that don’t want to eat it or don’t feel like that meal tonight. TOUGH SHIT YOUR EATING IT!
  • I’m sick hearing “this takes weird I’m not eating it” when it’s the same thing I’ve bought and cooked for years.
  • I’m sick of cooking everyone different dinners.
  • I’m sick of adapting a meal four different fucking ways so everyone will eat it. 
  • I have one child that won’t eat sauce or any other meat than chicken.
  • I have one child that won’t eat veg or meat full stop. 
  • My other half won’t eat maybe 80% of the worlds food choices. 
  • I’m sick of slaving away for hours on a meal when it takes less than 10 minutes to eat it. 
  • I’m sick of peeling and chopping veg. 
  • I’m sick of multi tasking while cooking e.g. Boiling, frying, oven cooking, making sauces, chopping meat and veg all the same time, its bloody draining!!

Ahhhhhhhhh tell me what you hate about dinners in the comments below!! 

The Secret Blog of a 30 Year Old 

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  1. I hate coming home from an 8 hr work day and have to cook. Sometimes I forget to take out the meat from the freezer before I leave to work. My biggest pet peeve is when I tell my husband your cooking tonight because I’m tired, and his answer is I don’t know how to make that. I turn and tell him your being lazy and he just laughs because he knows I’m right. Cooking sucks donkey balls.

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  2. Lol! I have been there. My kids are old enough to cook for themselves now, so I leave them to it…but if I don’t cook for my husband, he lives on cheese on toast…I have told him that I don’t want what he likes everyday, I like other food, so he does as his told now…I buy frozen veg now, chopped onion, chopped peppers & I shop daily. Which sounds crazy, but I find it a lot easier…& I get the extra exercise…

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  3. Story of my life! lol. I finally gave up trying to please everyone and now only worry about myself. If they don’t eat what I cooked, yay for me. That means leftovers and another night I don’t have to cook lol. I’m down to cooking about 2-3 times a week, doing minimal shopping, and the teenagers are now fending for themselves. (They are never home anyway!) Cook what YOU want, keep it super simple, cook enough that it lasts a couple days and you can eat the leftovers, and enjoy a good book!

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  4. Food allergies! I’m allergic to mushrooms and wheat, and my husband is allergic to corn and has Celiac’s. On top of that, I’m doing the Keto diet (it works SO WELL), and so I have to make two meals each time I cook. ;_;

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