The great transformers hunt was on (the things we do for our kids)

As previously mentioned, to encourage my children to get rid of some old toys I told them I would sell the old stuff at a car boot and that they could keep the money. My son, who is four, is obsessed with transformers. Recently he got two little transformers that click together to make a big transformer. Cool huh? He already had bumble bee and slide swipe (think that’s the name) but he really wanted Optimus prime and …what ever the other one that comes with it is called. 

My son was out having a boys day with his dad, so I text and asked if our little man would like me to get his toy after the carboot so he could play with it when he got home. The answer was clearly a yes. I thought ‘brilliant after the carboot I’ll pop into town and pick one up.’ I seriously underestimated how hard this toy would be to find. 

So after the car boot, my daughter and I started mission impossible to find Optimus prime, even though we had been at the carboot since 6.30 in the morning. Time was against us as we didn’t get home till 1.30 in fact, everything was against us as this toy was sold out everywhere!! 

My first step was Argos online for click and collect, nope sold out! Next I tried toy r us, also sold out. There was a glimmer of hope when I found 3 in stock in Smyths toy superstore. They refused to save me one over the phone (bastards) and it wouldnt let me save one online. The problem was this particular store was 40 mins away, what if they were gone by the time we got there?! Being the super mum I am, we jumped in the car and bombed it down like a bat out of hell. 

When I found the transformer section my heart sank, I couldn’t find a single click together Optimus prime. I had every toy off the shelf and the hooks, I was like a woman possessed. I sent my daughter to find a staff member, as soon as she walked around the corner I shoved my phone in her face with their website up, announcing ‘you have 3 in stock in this store, I need you to help me find one of then’ after 20 minutes and two members of staff helping. It was hopeless. They had gone and my little boy was going to be gutted. 

I decided to check Argos one more time, and by total chance, one had become available !!!! But it was in a town 55mins away. By this point im shattered and want nothing more than to crawl into bed to watch a movie and eat crisps.

So you know what I did? I let out a big sigh, bought the transformer online (to go collect), and run back to the car to give it one more try. While my daughter dozed in the front seat I’m in my own little formula one race to get there before it closes. I also realise I have no idea where Argos is in this town or where to park, so I wing it and by the graces of the transformer gods I find the right one. After directions and a lot of running, we make it, and after a nervous 20 minute wait….we have succeeded, Optimus Prime was in my possession!!! 

And to top it off we find a Claire’s accessories and smiggle round the corner so my daughter got to spend her dosh in her two favourite shops!! 

What lengths have you gone to, to find that one special toy you stupidly promised without researching first?! 

The Secret Blog of a 30 Year Old

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