Annoying things about selling at carboot sales (rant)

I recently wrote a post on Annoying things about getting ready for a car boot sale and as promised I am writing the annoying things about actually selling at a carboot sale, I have quite a few points to cover including a cheeky little positive twist at the end so let’s get started.

Paying to get in 

The last time I sold stuff at a car boot sale was when my eldest was a baby, so 8/9 years ago. I paid a fiver for my pitch, that’s fine, I nearly died when the guy on the gate today told me it would be £15!!!! I am amazed I even made a profit, I also moaned all day to anyone that would listen how stupidly expensive that is.


The second I jumped out of the car I was physically lept on by dealers asking for watches jewellery and electronics. Even while I was setting up they hovered round like vutures!

Notes and change 

Why in gods name does everyone buying at car boots have £20 notes?! 

Me: yes that tshirt is 20p

Buyer: lovely I’ll buy it

*hands over £20 note*


I love a bit of haggling, I tend to mark everything up by 50p or so because I really enjoy the back and forth of bartering and making people feel like they got a real bargain. But what I can not stand is when they’re putting the item in their bag overnight me a fifth of what I’m asking for and acting like I’m being unreasonable for wanting £1 for a brand new children’s book that’s never been opened. 

Setting up and packing up

This took waaaay longer than anticipated, two clothes wracks of clothes to hang up, a long table full of stuff as well as two boxes and 6 blankets on the floor piled high with toys. Thank god I actually sold most of it but took a good half hour getting the crap left back in the car. Which is another point all on its own, taking stuff home is horrible! I couldn’t even give it away!! (We did make £80 which is not bad)

My one big positive

My beautiful daughter came with me to help, I could not of been more proud of her today. She was polite, beyond helpful, didn’t moan (even when she was bored) and really got into the spirit of it. Towards the end of the day a little girl with glasses and an eyepatch picked up a girls necklace we were selling, she asked her mum for the 10p to buy it to which her mum said ‘no sorry we’ve run out of money’ before pulling her away. My daughter picked up the necklace and told me she really wanted the little girl to have it, so she ran after her and gave it to her. What a sweet act of kindness I could of burst with pride. So after all of the stress of today, I would do it all over again to have that time with her. 

Don’t take any thing for granted, these special moments are what memories are made of. 

The Secret Blog of a 30 Year Old

X X X X X 

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