This is rather random but I’m kinda creeped out… I went to have a shower, I got undressed in front of the mirror, I had no marks on my body. During my shower I look down and between my boobs but slightly further down on my tummy… there is this slightly raised ring?! I took a photo straight away and called my other half up stairs!! I’ve not leant on anything or had anything against my body. 

Have I been marked by a ghost or something?! What the hell is it?! 

*20 min edited update it’s starting to disappear already but still rather odd don’t you think lol*

The Secret Blog of a 30 Year Old

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  1. This is not uncommon. Sometimes a circular pattern, sometimes diamond shaped and sometimes elaborate intricate designs mysteriously appear. They’re known to appear overnight in fields of wheat (crop circles), but every so often our alien friends do body work such as what you’ve experienced. You’ve been marked as a possible host to be a human/alien mother. Lucky you!

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