Annoying things about being fat – part two 

I wrote a blog on Annoying things about being fat which I really enjoyed writing, it was honest but comical, which is my favourite attitude to have so here is part two! In part one I gave a bit of a disclaimer (I don’t fancy typing it all again so go read the first one) but this post is just ranty fun and games to entertain so please don’t take it too seriously.

  •  Underware sizes and prices 

I wrote briefly about this the other day in Just because I’m big I don’t want to wear granny knickers I’m sick to death of going to a shop that allegedly stocks my size, and come to find out they only have beige knickers that come up to my armpit in my size. No cute little knickers. Or if I find a site online that has loads in my size they’re insanely expensive, I can’t afford £12 for one pair of knickers! Trying to find my bra size is difficult all round, if my boobs were gigantic I’d have no problem but as I’m a 40 D it’s quite a hard size to come by.

  • I worry when my hairs up my head looks tiny?!

This might sound quite funny but it’s a weekly concern, when I’ve had time to wash my hair and get it looking all nice I have no issue with my head size, I feel my hair balances it out. But if it’s a greasy hair day or really hot outside and I have to put my hair up I’m paranoid all day that my head looks tiny next to my body. I’ve tried doing little bunchie buns on either size of my head to give the illusion my head is still normal size but I don’t think it works! When I was of average size I could have my hair up and still feel pretty but now I’m bigger I can’t stand it. I look like a water melon with a blueberry for a head. 

  • Sex positions 

Some positions can be rather challenging, I have too much booty and thigh for what we can attempt which can really get in the way, my belly is also a bit of a cock block at times. Don’t get me wrong, me and my other half make it work it doesn’t stop us trying anything but it doesn’t make me feel overly fantastic when my bellies been pushed up so high it’s chocking me. Embracing my body really helped me find this topic less embarrassing, I used to cry and die inside when something wouldn’t work that we wanted to try, but now we adapt it to us and move on! It’s just a bit annoying sometimes.

  • Lying on my side gravity turns me into a skinny person lying in a puddle of fat 

This one is a bit bizarre I’ll admit that now, I also have a love/hate relationship with this. I have noticed when I’m lying on my side in bed, when I feel the side of my body facing up it feels like I used too. My hips feel skinny, I can feel where my waist should be, in general it makes me feel fantastic and slinky. Until I feel the side of me that’s on the bed, gravity has pulled all my fat down so it puddles around me. (Don’t feel sorry for me I’m actually chucking as I’m typing this) I’ve never taken a photo of this before but I imagine it looks a normal sized person dunked in skin coloured play dough.

I’d love to hear what you find annoying about being fat and if you can relate to any of my weird and wonderful topics I have covered today!

The Secret Blog of a 30 Year Old 

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