Annoying things about getting ready for a carboot sale (story rant)

What the hell have I gotten myself into?!

It was my great idea to bribe the children to get rid of their old toys in the over flowing playroom, by offering to take the old toys to a car boot sale and letting the kids keep the money. To buy new toys. I realise the irony no need to point it out. 

After a whole day of “keep or get rid” I was amazed at how much the promise of money motivated my kiddies! We had bags and bags of stuff to sell. As the old bagged up toys are taking up half our living room I decided to take the bull by the horns and do the car boot sale at the weekend, giving myself less than a week to go through stuff and get it all ready…around work and the kids. I am productive under pressure, so I thought it would work out better rather than dragging it out by a few weeks.

I then decided that I would actually like to make some money too, so spent a whole afternoon clearing out a huge cupboard in our hallway upstairs. Filled floor to ceiling with my old clothes in every size imaginable and shoes, lots and lots of shoes. I even found a buggy hiding in there! I add to the selling pile another another 7 huge bags (and the buggy) I also spend a whole evening with my other half sorting out some stuff that’s in our over crowded loft to sell.

By this point I’m sick to death of sorting through stuff, I didn’t not realise how irritating and time consuming it would be.

So now the pile in living room has doubled in size and is stacked up, it’s like a wall of old musty junk. I did not realise how much room all the stuff would take up.

It is then the reality of the situation hits me… what do I charge for everything? I have no idea what I am doing nor do I know what people would pay. I also have no idea how to display everything or how to lay it out?! All I have is giant shopping bags filled with mixed up crap. Why in gods name did I agree to this?! Correction, I didn’t agree to this, I suggested this!! It was my bright idea! 

Luckily I had a secret weapon, my dearest friend came to the rescue. She came floating in (well hobbleing in as she has a bad back) like a fucking car boot angel. She took charge and knew everything!!! How much to charge, what would and wouldn’t sell, how to organise everything….she spent 3 hours with me cleaning all the toys and getting the mountains of clothes folded and everything priced up. I’m also an idiot and didn’t realise we would need sticky labels to price everything up, so we used chopped up bits of paper and sellotape. Tedious but necessary. 

After all the chaos and help, I’m nearly ready to go!! All I need to do now is find 200 coat hangers, pick up a clothes rail from my mum, find blankets and sheets to put stuff on, load the car up… ok I’m going to stop there or I’ll hyperventilate. What do you hate about getting ready for a carboot?! I hate everything!!! 

I will be writing a post on the actual carboot itself (after Sunday) so if you would like to be notified when thats published hit that follow button! 

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