Story time-who did she bring into my house part two… (scary)

Here is part two of my recent soooky events, this won’t make much sense unless you’ve read part one which is Here so go read that first then come back! 

I’ll say now, I’m sure there will be a few of you think these things are a bit daft, but after feeling that in my home (read part one!!!) I was a lot more aware of these strange things occurring and I can’t explain them. It might not of been paranormal but to me it felt it. It didn’t feel scary, it felt playful, but still made me uneasy. I didn’t talk about this for a while to anyone as I didn’t want it getting any worse. It did eventually die down so I feel ok to talk about it now. Here are 3 things that happened and I have no idea how. 

Number one: The day after ‘the experience’ I was sitting at the kitchen table in the same place I was when it happened. From where I was sitting I could see the down stairs bathroom, to turn the light on we have a cord that hangs down from the ceiling, there is a porcelain toggle at the end which pings against the tiles making a noice after it’s been pulled. (I hope that makes sense) . All of a sudden the chord started to ping against the tiles, I look up from my phone the second I heard it, the cord was violently swinging back and forth. There wasn’t a single window open in the house and I was home alone.

Number two:  My other half has a really high up shelf in our bedroom, filled with his childhood toys and Lego, he is meticulous on where everything lives and is positioned. The only way I can reach it is if I stand on the bed, neither of the kids can reach it as you have to lean over quite far. We were about to go to bed when my other half asked me if I moved his Lego skeleton man, I laughed and said “no why?” He pointed up to the shelf and I kid you not the skeleton man had been moved to the roof of a Lego car, really close to the edge, like it could fall off any second. He joked it might of been a ghost, I just smiled but though “omg was it?! How else did it get there?! 

Number three: I was getting the kids out of the car, my keys were in my pocket and I was getting bags out of the back of the car. I started thinking “I wonder if anything weird is going to happen today or if my ghosty has gone”. As I thought that all the electric windows in my car went down! This was so strange as the windows won’t open or close unless the key is in the ignition with the car turned on. To close them again I had to put the key back in and start the car. The kids thought it was weird too but I was hardly going to tell them I think a spirit is following me around. 

I’d love to hear what you think about all this and if you have any ideas as to what could of happened?! I might have a part three so push that follow button to get notifications when I post! 

The Secret Blog of a 30 Year Old

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  1. I have ghosty experiences too. It started when I was about 10 yrs old {Maybe before} The house I am in now is haunted. I have seen a soldier in camouflage uniform, 2 different men, a old woman & a creepy little girl…Reading your ghost page has inspired me to start my own…

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