Story time- who did she bring into my house part one….(scary) 

I said in a previous post that I feel safe in the house I live in now, but that doesn’t mean theres not something here. This experience I couldn’t talk about for a while as I was so creeped out and I’ve never felt anything like it before. It happened about a year ago and from time to time odd things have been happening, this is part one of the story.

For the sake of this story we’re going to call the woman in question Sarah. Sarah has been a client of mine for a good few years, she is incredibly spiritual and we always have loads to talk about she a really interesting sweet person. 

She started training to become a medium as she has a strong connection to the other side, she was telling me about her recent experiences. She told me during her last session with her teacher and the one other student she managed to communicate with a young boy, he was telling her to make the most of life and live it to the fullest. He told her how he hung himself due to issues at home, which she found incredibly upsetting. During her conversation with the boy her teacher asked if her neck was ok, which she found strange, but said it’s fine and she kept communicating. Afterwards she said goodbye, her teacher told her to look in the mirror and her neck had a bright red ring around it, similar to hanging marks. I didnt’t blink the whole time she was telling me as I was fascinated. 

She also told me that her Nan follows her around and she can feel her and speak to her. I start saying how I feel so safe in the house we’re in compared to the flat (story click Here) as I’m saying this we both gasp and shriek out loud at the same time, I felt the biggest tingles up my left arm and face as a blast of cold air hit me, she felt the same thing at the same time. I froze in fear, again we both gasp as the air/tingly feeling happens again to us both at the same time. (Why am I talking about this I feel sick even thinking about it!!) 

I never in my life thought I would experience anything like that. I asked her “is something bad here?” She closes her eyes, rolls her head to the side and says “no i think it’s either your Nan or mine, if it was something bad you would know straight away, I would leave the second I felt it.” 

After that I finished work as quickly as I could, I was so spooked but at the same time it was a really interesting experience. It also still felt like there was something in the house, I actually left and went to my friends. It wasn’t a dark heavy feeling at all but it still freaked me out and I didn’t feel like hanging around. 

I hope you enjoyed part one! Hit that follow button to be notified about part two! 

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