Just because I’m big I don’t want to wear granny knickers

I went to marks and Spencer’s to buy some knickers this week, and before you joke that m&s is for old people you should take a look around their ladies underware section! Pretty, sexy, good quality, yes there is granny stuff but there are also some beautiful bras and knickers. Being a plus size gal they usually have a few things in my size so it’s worth going. 

I tend to buy packs of knickers as they’re well priced and have a huge selection of styles. Personally I like really low knickers (to go under my belly not over!) French knickers, little shorts or bikini style is my thing. I do not like giant parachute that go up to my armpits. 

Looking through the packs of pants I was pretty annoyed to see that there was an abundance of parachutes in my size but no cute little knickers. This pisses me off, why would bigger people not want nice underware?! I managed to find two packs, both pretty boring in colours and patterns but at least they we’re a style I liked. 

What pissed me off even more was when I decided to look at the 3 for 2 offer on individual fancy knickers. The styles I liked had no sizes bigger than a 14 *If I used emojis on my blog there would be angry faces here* but on the giant ugly parachute section, yet again were knickers my size. 

I assume they buy more stock in bigger sizes of the ugly knickers and less of the pretty knickers. Very disappointing M&S!! 

The Secret Blog of a 30 Year Old

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  1. Interesting post, and even I look in m&s for underwear and I’m a teen. Haha. While I don’t have the problem of finding cute underwear in my size, I can totally agree that the lack of cute stuff in plus sizes is appalling.

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