Annoying things about the school run (rant)

For most mothers, the school run is a huge part of our life. It’s beyond monotonous and the fact I still have another 6 years of primary school runs to go before the kids can walk on their own, is soul destroying.  

  • How many school runs a day?!

Its twice a day, not including clubs days, and everything in life revolves around it. At one point, when my eldest was at full time school and my youngest was in pre-school, I had 3 school runs a day. Dropping them both up, picking up the little one at lunch time and picking up the big one at the end of the day. It was exhausting and my life was lived in 2.5 hour chunks. Now they are both at full time school it is easier, unless my eldest has a club after school which totals 4 SCHOOL RUNS A DAY. Even typing about it fills me with dread. 

  • Time consuming 

I don’t care what anyone says school runs are time consuming, I have two school run scenarios:

1. Get in the car, drive to school, try to park, walk down to school, walk through the play ground, get in the huge queue to drop off/pick up my youngest (they let them in and one at a time ahhhh) walk back to the car, get home.

Total time 35 minutes!!!! 

2. Get out the scooters/bikes, walk to school, walk through the playground, get in the huge queue to drop off/pick up my youngest, then walk home (if we’re walking home after pick up the kids move slower than snails I’m sick of hearing myself say “come on hurry up.”

Total time 1 hour!!!! (Sometimes longer)

Either way that’s a lot of your life on school run!

  • The mums 

I have been doing school runs for 6 years, and I have learnt the mums are worse than children. I’ve seen screaming matches in the playground, I’ve seen parents getting bared from the playground, I’ve seen scraps outside school by the shops. I really have seen it all. I could write a whole post on mums in the play ground!!! Everyone is in their clicky little groups, queue jumping to stand with friends and talking over your head to arrange a play date which you clearly are not invited to. After years of drama I stay well out of it! I have my one friend who I do the school runs with and I’m more than happy with that. I’ll be polite and say hello but I stay well clear of anything else.

  • The weather 

The rain gods know school run means it’s time to rain! It can be a glorious day with not a cloud in the sky, but the second you step foot out of the house the sky turns black and the torrential rain begins!! My rain coat is my best friend. 

  • The stuff they come out with

Giant junk modelling rockets, leaflets, letters, dirty P.E kits, other children’s jumpers…. the kids always come out with twice as much stuff as they went in with!!!! Can you really call a cereal box with one sticker stuck to the side a “rocket?!” Even when you get home you have to keep everything as heaven forbid you throw out one of the kids creations!! I’ll wait a few weeks before trying to sneak these things out the house but 9/10 times I get caught and end up keeping it for months on end. Even thought they have lost all interest in playing with it! The amount of letters I get from the school I could make a papier-mâché life size car, are the letters nessasary when I get an email from them every 5 mins as well?! Ahhh!!! 

That is the end of my daily rant! What do you hate about the school run?!

The Secret Blog of a 30 Year Old 

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  1. The rain cracked me up. Yes. Today it was very soggy.
    One of my children’s first day at school, as we left school the heavens opened and we were all soaked to the skin in the distance to getting in the car. Totally hear you.

    Liked by 1 person

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