Annoying things about petrol heads (rant)

I consider myself an expert on this subject as my other half of 10 years is a petrol head. It drives me fucking  crazy so here we go…

  • Everything revolves round the car

And I do mean everything, all other life activities are based around washing the car, fixing the car, buying parts for the car, tinkering with the car and car shows. Every spare thought they have goes on the car, every conversation reverts back to the car. Car car car car car car car….get the drift?!


  • Money

Now this one does piss me off, don’t get me wrong, I love that my other half has a hobby. I think all men need a hobby, it makes me happy and gets him out from under my feet but the amount of money he has spent on that car could of bought us a wedding or been a nice big house deposit. Why does he see it as ‘essentials?!’ I’m pretty sure if he was in charge of the food shopping money we would be living off eggs on toast for weeks on end so he could have new alloys or to lower the car that magical super important one inch more. 

  • Taking it apart and putting it back together again

Why? Just why? 

  • Car shows

Thankfully this year my other half is only doing 10 car shows (yes I said only) as the last few years it’s been every bloody weekend. From time to time it’s great him going for the day, me and the kids get to go see our friends etc it’s nice. But every weekend? Apart from it costing a fortune (there’s the money rant again) it gets to the point I feel like we never see him! I used to make an effort and try and go to a few shows, but to be honest I really can’t be bothered now, for me it’s a day following the kids around and clock watching. I do go to a local one once a year, but only at the end to be with him if he’s won anything (which he always does and is lovely to see) That’s as far as my support goes!!! 

  • The mood swings

My other halfs moods seem to depend on the car, if it’s running sweet with no issues he’s a happy bunny and it’s lovely. But dear god if he can’t figure out what’s wrong and has a car show in a week, I stay out of his way! It’s becomes an ever more big obsession that he can’t get out of his mind. 

  • All his social media profile photos are of the car

Not me or our beautiful children, it’s always the car. From every angle in ever light. The profile photo, the background photo, is that stupid fucking car. 

  • It’s so low we can’t all go in it

This is rather specific to my petrol head, but his ‘show car’ is literally that low, he needs ramps to get over speed bumps. Before I got my mummy car I had a lowered car, which I did love, but it was a pain. His car is that low it made mine look like it was on stilts. It’s that low, we can’t go in it an a family as it’ll scrap on the floor. Seriously what is the point. 

I hope you all enjoyed this rant, I’d love to hear in the comments below what annoys you about your petrol head! 

The Secret Blog of a 30 Year Old

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  1. Your partner seems quite proud of his car and I’d love to see pictures of it! Aside from admiring and modifying cars, I’ve made many great friends at car meets. I would consider myself an introvert, but I find it quite easy to talk to someone else about their car. You can really see the sparkle in a car enthusiast’s eyes and the excitement in their voice whenever they talk about their vehicle and their plans for it.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Oh yes he is!! It s a 61′ beetle, it is pretty cool if ur into that thing 😊 I’ve drafted a post of the best things about petrol heads and you’ve just covered two of my big points! He’s an introvert too it’s really helped him make likeminded friends, and I know just what u mean bout the sparkle in his eyes 😉 xxxx

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  2. We have little money, so my husband can’t do much with his car except maintenance, but my husband is a never ending spring of car trivia, technical details, and news. A car goes by and he rattles off the engine, frame, and a variety of defects common to that model. I’m baffled. As far as I’m concerned there are cars, trucks, and vans, and I barely know brands much less how to identify different models. But it makes him happy to talk about them, so I listen. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Well because of the work my other halfs done we now have no money either 😂 he’s down to just maintenance too which really stresses him out!! Their knowledge is insane, I’ve learnt quite a bit from him too. I listen as best I can, quite hard when he’s getting really technical n I have no idea what he’s talking bout 😂 xxx

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