Annoying things about owning a car (rant)

I little while ago I wrote a post on Annoying things about being fat which was well received so I thought I’d write about other things that annoy me in life! As I am a seriesly experienced moaner, don’t worry I’ve got this. 

I think anyone who owns a car will be able to relate to these issues so thought it would be an entertaining read. 
Money money money?!

Cars cost money!!!! Everything about a car costs money, as I don’t have much, this is a problem. From buying the car to looking after it is stupidly expensive, mot,service, breakdowns…. the list goes on. Don’t get me started on the price of car insurance and car tax, It’s extortion. 

Petrol and diesel?!

So even after buying the car you still have to pay to make it move! This is a never ending expense that gets more and more pricey as the years go on! 

Keeping it clean and tidy?!

With kids?! Never fucking happens!!! I bet you £10 right now if I go look in my car there will be 1 million shopping bags, swimming floats, at least one transformer toy, more empty school water bottles than two children would ever need, a school book bag, sweets stuck to the seats, and a handful of crap I have no idea where it came from. 

Mot time?!

The most nervous I ever am in life is waiting for my mot to be done, fucking hell its torture!!! Will my car pass?! Doubt it!!! Is it going to be 4 new tyres, break pads and disks and every bush in the bloody car need replacing?!?! You can bet your life it is!!! 

Flat tyres?!

You can guarantee I will get a flat tyre when I’m half an hour late and trying to get the kids to school. Ever bloody time it happens at the worse time!! And I know for a fact, it won’t be a patch job that’s £15, it’s gonna be two new tyres for £100 as I need my back tracking done and the other tyre is bauld. Fucking marvellous. I have the worst car luck. 

Breaking down 

This is by far the scariest of all my points, breaking down sucks balls. There is nothing more petrifying than breaking down. I have broken down at 11 o’clock at night, in the middle of nowhere,  3 hours away from my house on holiday without breakdown cover.  That makes me feel sick thinking about even now, that was the fuel pump, £400 later, thank God my other half could fit the part so didn’t need to pay anyone for that. 

I have also smashed open the bottom of my super lowered car over a speed bump causing the oil to pour out everywhere, leaving me stranded at a hospital near the speed bump. (Thank god I had gotten break down cover after the first incident) that was another £300 with my other half going the work. The list goes on….those were just two examples that fill me with dread.

What car to get?!

My new car, which is big old mummy wagon and is definitely not lowered, as I was sick of crawling over bumps and not being able to drive up curbs as it had fancy alloys too, I’d had enough. I love it but it wasn’t practical. I now have a 7 seater, it’s basically a van, but I adore it! But even with my dream mummy car, I still look at my old car (which is my other halfs now) and get  jealous because it looks and sounds so damn good. I don’t want it, but I’m struggling with anyone else having it….I’m never happy!!! 

Have I missed any points out?! I’d love to hear in the comments below! 

The Secret Life of a 30 Year Old 

X X X X X 



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