Story time- My first flat was haunted…. 

I was reminded of this spooky story recently so I thought I’d share it with you lovely people. 

When I was 19, me and my boyfriend moved in together, we were expecting our first child. We found a two bedroom ground floor flat which seemed nice enough and was in our price range. Above us were two maisette flats, flat number one was owned by a devout Cristian woman and was above the living room and kitchen. Flat number two was rented by a woman and her children, let’s call the woman Sophie, she was above both bedrooms the bathroom and the long dark hallway.

I had worked with Sophie a few years ago and we really got on so I was happy to see it was her above us. She was very grounded as a person, she worked hard, had brilliant morals and was a fantastic mum. She was such a strong but friendly person I actually looked up to her quite a bit. 

Pretty soon I discovered the flat spooked me out, I felt fine in the living room and kitchen but the hallway, bathroom and bedrooms were dark and felt heavy to me. It’s hard to explain but it made me uneasy. If my other half was away for the night I’d sleep on the sofa in the living room as I didn’t want to sleep at the other end of the flat alone. I’d hear noises and the rooms would suddenly go cold. I told myself it was in my head and that I was just creeping myself out. 

After our daughter was born we moved into a house when she was 8 months old, I was so pleased to leave that flat I just didn’t feel safe there. After moving into the house I started thinking maybe it wasn’t in my head, the house we moved into felt light and safe I didn’t get creeped out here at all. 

Me and Sophie stayed in touch, one day I was at her new house (she moved around the same time as us) the kids were outside playing and we were having a cuppa and a chat. I don’t know how we got on the subject of the paranormal, but Sophie started confiding in me about herself and her past. I was not prepaired in the slightest for what she was about to tell me. I would also like to say now that she would be the last person in the world that I would of expected to say what she did, she’s not crazy and she’s not a liar. 

She told me that since she was a child she could see spirits, they would come into her room at night at scream at her, she said she could never hear the voices but she could see them talking and screaming. It was like the volume was turned down but they were trying to communicate with her. As she got older she learnt to ignore them and eventually they go away, but they always come back trying to try and talk to her. She also told me that she didn’t just see good spirits, she said she saw bad ones, she told me how an old evil Chinese woman would run at her and disappear as she was close enough to touch her. She said they had followed her around her whole life but that she never spoke about it as it made it worse. 

You could of knocked me over with a fucking feather I was so shocked and scared. Later that day, it clicked in my head, the half of the flat that was spooky was under her flat!!! Everything made sense, if these spirits were around her all the time surely that explained the flat going cold and the creepiness. 

Needless to say I’m so happy we moved!!!

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  1. I just finished reading Dean Koontz series Odd Thomas about a man who sees the dead. They’re having trouble moving on or transitioning to the other side. He helps them. It’s fiction but sounds like what you’ve explained in your post.

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      • If you believe Dean Koontz’s character Odd Thomas (and why wouldn’t you?) 1. Ghosts can’t affect this side. All they can do is show themselves and if they become a poltergeist they can maybe make objects move or lights turn on etc. But they can’t directly hurt people. 2. It was interesting that she could see them screaming, but not hear them. That’s what Odd Thomas says. They don’t speak to him. Maybe hand gestures etc.
        I’ve never run into a ghost, but I’m ready just in case.

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      • She said they were trying to talk to her but that she could block it out?!! I always thought it sounded like they might have unfinished business and were trying to get her to help? But then again I might be totally wrong, if she was getting bad spirits too I’m not sure what they would b trying to tell her, nothing good I imagine. I might need to read that book it sounds really interesting xxx


    • There’s also an American show quite similar to this called “Ghost Whisperer”, I used to enjoy watching the show when I was younger. But dang this post gives me the creeps, I don’t even know if I want to vacuum my house at the moment anymore. ):

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      • I’ve not heard of that one!! I’ll have to look it up. Aw haha yeah it is really creepy I was sooo weirded out for ages after, made me believe in the ‘other side’ even more than I already did! Was horrible being that flat alone with the baby! Xxx

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