Was I a sugar baby?!?!

There has been a huge influx of sugar baby videos on YouTube over the past year, it seems to be a trending topic. For those of you who haven’t heard of sugar babies and daddies I’ll quickly explain.

Basically a sugar daddy is someone who pays a sugar baby to spend time with them, this can be with cash, paying bills, dinners, drink, clothing etc. Most sugar baby’s will strongly deny that they have sex with their sugar daddy and that it literally is just spending time together. 

I have watched so many videos on this topic I find it really interesting, but I heard one today that set an alarm off in my head about me many years ago. 

When I was 18 I had a really good male friend, let’s call him Drew. I was in and out of different relationships at the time and he was in and out of a relationship with one girl, who was absolutely stunning I have no idea to this day how he pulled her. Even I would of slept with her she was gorgeous!

He was a bit older than me, if I remember rightly he was 29. He was a banker and to put it simply he had a lot of money, I on the other hand had none. I also want to say now that nothing ever happened between us, we didn’t fancy each other, there were no drunk kisses or sex we were literally just friends.

We liked the same music so most weekends we’d be going to gigs or having big nights out in London or wherever we wanted to go. This is kind of how the phone call before hand would go:

Drew: heya wanna come out tonight?

Me: aww I’d love to but I honestly don’t have the money, thank u anyway

Drew: don’t be stupid I’m paying for you, get really I’ll be there in a hour to pick you up

Hang up phone

This happened alllllll the time, all the gig tickets, dinners, drinks, hotel, the travel… he paid for the lot. I always tried to give him money back but he wouldn’t take a penny off me, he didn’t see it as a big deal and would just say “I don’t mind I like hanging out with you it’s fine” after a while (please remember I was only 18 I would act differently now for sure) this is just how it was. Sometimes, we’d get to a club, he’d buy us some drinks and as the night went on I’d go flirt with boys while he either playing on the fruity machine or flirted with girls. When I wanted another drink he’d give me another £20 and off I’d go to dance again! Then at the end of the night we’d find our way home chatting for hours about everything and anything.

We both enjoyed our booze way too much and it was always really messy, he sadly enjoyed a certain expensive drug a bit too much which in the end as we got older messed his life up if I’m honest. I think because he had the money to party hard, he did. He also would get really sucked into gambleing which was very hard for me to watch, all that money wasted because he was so off his head he couldn’t stop. He could of bought a house with the money he spent on utter crap. 

Now going back to the point of this post, the video I watched was a woman saying pretty much what I just did, and that now looking back she would call her version of Drew a sugar daddy, but that she didn’t see it at the time. Her story was so much like mine I was shocked! Her wasn’t a romantic relationship either it was just how I described. 

Do you think it was just friends and he was generous with money? Or was it a sugar daddy thing? I would love to hear in the comments below what you think?!

The Secret Life of a 30 Year Old




  1. From the details you shared, I would say he was just a very generous friend. From personal experience, men directly address things head on when it comes to the possibility of sex. If he wanted a sugar baby arrangement from you, he would’ve let you know that those were the terms you were on. I genuinely believe he was your friend because he enjoyed spending time with you but refrained from sexual contact, which most (not all but most) sugar daddies find appealing and a major contribution to the sugar baby lifestyle.

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