11 year old girl dies on school trip-my thoughts…

Here in the U.K. this week there has been a story in the news that has really been on my mind. An 11 year old girl was on a school trip to a theme park, while riding the water rapids she fell out of the boat causing her to hit her head, she was air lifted to hospital and later on passed away. 

Even typing this I can feel the tears coming, it is such a sad tragedy I’m finding it hard to think of much else. 

I feel sad for the poor little girl for dying way too soon in such a traumatic, scary way.

I feel sad for her parents loosing their baby girl. Knowing that they weren’t there when it happened, thinking she was safe on a school trip. Not knowing that morning when they said goodbye would be their last time. I don’t know if they got to the hospital before she passed but breaks my heart either way. 

I feel sad for the anger the parents must feel towards the school and teacher who was responsible at the time, aswell as the theme park that something like this could even happen. 

I feel sad for the teacher, I know if I was him/her I could never forgive myself. Even if it was a freak accident I would feel responsible forever, I don’t know how they will ever move on from this. 

Overall I just feel sad for everyone.

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