The BIGGEST misconception about slimming world 

I decided to write about this as I keep hearing it again and again, in fact it’s something I used to say.

“There’s no way I’d loose weight eating unlimited pasta, rice and potatos! Way too many carbs”

And yes, if you did stuff your face with nothing but carbs at every meal, you wouldn’t loose weight. But that’s not what your suppose to do! Every meal should be a third ‘speed food’ which is certain fruits and vegetables that help speed up weightloss. 

For example, at dinner time I dish up my vegetables first to take up a third of my plate, from there I can figure out how much pasta/rice/potatos and meat I can have. If I’m starving and fancy a big meal, then I do the same thing just with larger portions. This stops me going to crazy on the carbs. It’s that simple!!! If I’m cooking a meal like a pasta bake, I’ll add vegetables into it while cooking, if I think I might be speed food short, I’ll have an apple or something after dinner. 

I also only tend to have pasta/rice/potato with my dinner, so I’m only having it once a day. I use my healthy extra B for a whole meal wrap at lunch time or porridge oats at breakfast. For me it’s working out fantastically, now I know to have a third speed food it makes so much more sense that the rumours I had heard before starting slimming world.

I hope this cleared a few things up for you, and slimming world boys and girls I’m sure you understand where I’m coming from!

The Secret Blog of a 30 Year Old

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