House work rant

I’m a mum of two children and run a business from home, my life is busy and hectic, which secretly I love. But DEAR GOD I’m sick of house work!!!! I think this is something nearly everyone who runs a house can relate to.

Every fucking day I load the dishwasher at least once, have a load of washing, collect cups and bowls from literally every room in the house, Hoover, clean…. and the house is still never tidy!!!!!!!

How is it possible?!?! I’m home alone during the day while the kids are at school, in between clients I’ll get on top of everything and within minutes of everyone getting home the chaos starts. School socks all over the floor, hand prints on the door frames, crisp wrappers next to the bin, unflushed toilets…do I live with savages?!?! 

By bed time I’m back where I began with everything being a mess again ahhhhh it makes me want to scream!!!!

There are two things I hate the most without a doubt:

Number 1 – putting washing away

Fucking hate it!!!!! Four peoples worth of clothes, each with their own draws and wardrobes, I takes me ages and is a pain the arse I put it off as long as possible!!! 

Number 2 – the kids knick knack toys

Lego, McDonald toys, shopkins, hotwheels all the little teeny tiny bits that go everywhere. That broken wing of a plane my 4 year old won’t let me throw away, the wrapper of a kinder egg that is ‘full of memories’ my 9 year old insists on keeping. I could fill a skip with the amount of bits we have floating round the house.

I know I’m not alone on this one, what is your least favourite house work job?! Comment below!!!

The Secret Blog of a 30 Year Old 

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      • It’s a method of household management. If you Google it there’s a whole website. Ignore all the attempts to sell you products but the actual system is good. I did it for a while and while I never perfected it, I felt it helped me feel more on top of things and there are definitely habits that I’ve incorporated into my life from it that are useful.

        I totally feel like you do though that it is a never ending battle. Two things help: 1. cleaning help.
        2. A teacher of mine (Rebbetzin Rivi Brussels) once said to me, she had an epiphany one day doing the dishes. She realised that the point of doing the dishes was not to have clean dishes in the cupboard but that her family should have clean plates to eat off. If they are back in the sink again, then that means she achieved what she attempted. The same goes for clothes in the laundry basket etc.

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  1. The chore that I dislike the most is sweeping the carpet. Our vacuum cleaner died about six months ago and we have not been able to afford to get another one, so we’ve been sweeping the floors and carpets. It is pure misery.

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