Ways to improve your sex life- tip number 5(try something new)

Welcome to my sex tip series! From the day I started this series this is one topic I had already decided to cover. But after my experience a few nights ago, I decided today is the day I want to talk about it. 

I’ve never been into role play, it always seemed a bit weird to me acting out another character while having sex. I didn’t have any interest in it. But recently I’ve had this idea of my other half being a sexy doctor and me a patient. I have no clue where this came from as I don’t tend to fancy doctors but the thought of him being a doctor….yes please.

I mentioned this to him a week or so ago and he was very keen, to the point he ordered himself some doctor stuff which he wouldn’t let me see until my ‘appointment.’ All week we have been so excited about doctor time, I even ordered myself a sexy new nightie to go under my clothes.

I have to say it was an experience of a life time!! I loved every second, he looked sexy as hell in his smart clothes, white jacket and glasses. He turned our bedroom into a doctors office, the effort he put in was so touching. The look on his face when I revieled the naughty nighty was priceless. We kept up the act the whole was through and it wasn’t weird or cringy in the slightest, in fact it was a big turn on. This is something I thought I would never do, but I’m so pleased it did!!!!! Turns out I love role play!! I never would of known if I wouldn’t of tried it. 

Over the years I’ve become more and more open to trying new things and it’s made our sex life better for sure. We own quite a lot of sex toys which really spiced things up, different shapes sizes and features we could open a mini shop. Years ago I never would of been brave enough to try the things I do now, my weight and sexual shyness held me back quite a bit. I can not put in to words how proud I am of myself for just diving in and giving it a go. It’s really upped the sexiness and waiting on deliveries of new goodies gives us something to really look forward to. It’s made our sex life more varied and we have so many choices of lubes, toys, naughty lingerie and now doctors equipment we never get bored!! It’s like a grown up pick and mix.

So go and try something new! If you don’t like it you don’t have to do it again! I’ve discovered so many things I didn’t think I’d like, I’m loving the sexual journey.

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