Ways to improve your sex life-tip number 3 (make the time)

Welcome to my sex tip series! Today’s topic is about making the time to have amazing sex. When my partner and I were young(er) we were at it like rabbits, day and night and everytime in between, but now we’re older and have responsibilities it does get harder to fit everything in. I think if we didn’t make the effort days and weeks could easily slip by. Well maybe not weeks in our case as we get ratty as hell after a few days but I’m speaking generally. 

It takes meticulous planning in our case to get down and dirty as often as we do, it doesn’t always go to plan but I’d say we have an 80% success rate. Here are some of the steps we take to have sex around our busy life’s, clearly our issues might not be the same as yours but it might give you some ideas for your life. 

1. Go to bed earlier

Early bedtimes is an essential there’s no ifs or buts about it. This is our magic key! As we’re getting older we’ve found we need more sleep anyway (I’m making us sound mega old lol) but we work hard and have two kids so you can’t blame us. If we’re in the mood for love we make sure we go to bed at least an hour earlier than normal, that gives us some chill time before we get down and dirty, while still getting a good nights sleep. What more could you want? As we do have children we make sure they’re in bed early too, even putting them to bed 20 mins early can make a big difference if ur a sleepy clock watcher like us. 

2. Take every opportunity (when your feeling it)

If you don’t have any children that can burst in at any moment this will be a lot easier for you, just because it’s not bed time doesn’t mean you can’t have sex. Not everyone likes doing it in the bright gleaming day light but close the curtains and give it a go! For example;

You have an hour till your pasta bake is cooked? Go have sex

You’ve woke up 20 mins early before you need to get up? Go have sex

Your favourite show doesn’t start for half hour? Go have sex

It’s as simply as that! For us, it goes more like this:

The kids are away for a night at their grand parents? Sex 100% guaranteed 

The kids have magically fallen asleep early?  Have sex

Basically if we’re alone in the house? Have sex

Don’t get me wrong I’m not saying we’re at it at every single chance but when the mood takes we definitely go for it! 
3. Moving your plans around

This is something you’ll need to do together,   if your both super busy people with diaries more full that the popes, you need to work together to find times during the week to have time together. Even if you don’t end up having sex, alone together time is so important in a relationship. It keeps you connected and can stop you drifting apart, it also shows your both committed and actually want time together. One of my favourite things is cuddling up in bed watching a movie eating biscuits, it’s nearly as good as sex. 
3. Caffeine is your friend

This might sound a bit weird but this tip is a life saver for me. If we’ve had a naughty day sexting and are both looking forward to bed time the last thing I want to do is fall asleep. As I have a busy hectic life and I do get very tiered it is a serious possibility. To combat those really tiered days I’ll have a strong coffee early evening when I start getting yawney and drowsy, it’s just enough to perk me up and get me all excited again! Not sure if this tip is good advice or not but either way it helps me!

This was quite a rambley post but hopefully it helped you in some way! Give my blog a follow to read the next instalment, here is Tip Number One (honesty) and Tip Number Two (don’t be selfish) if you’d like to catch up.

The Secret Blog of a 30 Year Old

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