The downfalls of weightloss-I can’t stop weeing

Day four back on my (millionth) weightloss journey and it has begun. The constant wee’s. It’s so bloody inconvenient and is really driving me crazy, I’ll have a wee before I leave the house, 10 mins later I’m bursting in the car (worst day ever read THIS it involves more wee) or I get to my kids school/shop/swimming pool/customers house and I need it yet again!!! There really should be more toilets available in public places I’ve had enough of close calls I’m thinking about buying tenna ladies!!!! I realise this is how my fat is leaving my body but come on does it have to be every 20 mins?!?! 

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    • Thankfully I haven’t wet myself since the car 😂 I have an awful lot of weight to loose I asked a doctor a while again as the wee only starts when I’m drinking lots of water and dieting they said it was normal it’s just annoying lol thank u for ur concern 😊 xxx

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  1. Hi guys. If you need to de-water frequently like this please have it checked out. It could be a sign of diabetis. What are you using while your trying to dieet btw? And how are you dieting?Ive been using a special natural product as a meal replacement. Gives my body all the nutrients it needs. Taste delicious. Real chocolat flavour. And the calories it gives is less than 200 when mixed with water. Skimmed milk less than 300. Ive substituded it in as one of my daily meals and has done wonders thus far. Doesnt feel like im on a dieet and i dont crave anything. If you need some help give me a shout.

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    • I’m regularly tested for diabetes so I’m all good but thank u for caring 😊 I’m following slimming world! The only time I wee loads is when I’m super healthy eating, and drinking loads, if I slip back into eating crap and not drinking enough the wee’s slow down! I’m very happy with what I’m following so thank u but no thank u


  2. Yes I have had that experience too haha
    So what strategy are you using to try and lose weight? It’s really hard with diets because studies show that 95% of diets fail. I used to wee a lot if I was on really low calories… are you sure you are eating enough calories? The problem with eating low calorie is you do lose weight but it is usually regained because it works against our biology to lower our calories too much. What happens is our body kicks into starvation mode where it lowers the metabolism and increases appetite. This is where people tend to blame themselves and their lack of ‘will power’ to diet when really it is just our body’s natural biology to do this!! The better way is to not restrict foods or create such a calorie deficit but to allow moderation of food. This is done by learning how to avoid over eating and emotional eating. We can actually change our appetites!!
    Anyways good luck with your journey xxx

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    • Heya! I’m now doing slimming world so I’m def eating enough! I found when I did weight watchers i was starving and if I even had two days off I’d put it all back on but with slimming world it’s staying off for the majority. I love slimming world as it’s taught me food isn’t the enemy it just about picking the right foods xxx

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      • It’s taken years but I’m finally here 😂 long gone are the days when I used to stave myself it’s not possible anymore and so bad for u! It’s amazing to me that on WW I was hungry all of the time it was a constant battle, and I was only loosing between 1-2 pounds a week, which at my size as I’m very over weight wasn’t great. But on SW I don’t feel like I’m on a diet most of the time, I still get my big dinner at the end of the day as well as snacks and I’m loosing between 6-3 pounds a week! (When I stick to it) it’s crazy as I’m eating so much more xxx

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