Hello slimming world, the bitch is back 

Today was the first day in four weeks I managed to stop shovelling food in like it’s going out of fashion. I was on plan, I was doing so well, I lost two stone, nearly 3 stone off my heaviest weight, I was conquering slimming world, being semi-slinky for the summer was in sight…., then one day at a time I started fucking it up until before I knew it, 4 weeks had gone by and I had gained 8 pounds. Fuck. 

During these 4 weeks, every morning I woke up saying to myself ‘your getting back on it today, stop self sabotaging it’s making you miserable’ as I stuffed a packet of biscuits down my throat…. and an Easter egg….and a crisp sandwich… I’m gonna stop here as it really is disgusting! 

But today I woke up, and I really meant it, today I am BACK. I weighed myself, cried at the number, planned my food, did my food shop, and dusted of my food diary. So far I have stuck to it, I’ve not listened to the cheese calling me, or the last Easter egg that everyone’s forgotten about screaming my name. No naughty food!!!! You need to back the fuck up this bitch is done with u! 

Once I get back into healthy eating, as slimming world is so flexible, I do find it pretty easy. The hardest part is getting my head in the game. I’m going to start writing more about my diet…. sorry no, ‘life style change’ as I think it’ll help keep me on plan as well as give you lovely people hints and tips if your trying to shift the chunk too. I love reading about what other people are eating and other healthy ideas, variety is what makes it excited and easier to stick too. 

So wish me luck on my millionth try to loose this weight, hopefully I won’t need it, but please do it anyway as I’m weak.

The Secret Blog of a 30 Year Old

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