Not biting at the bull shit-so proud!! 

I want to start by saying does the way biting is spelt look wrong to you?! I have checked many times and it is 100% accurate! By now I really should be able to spell that word at my age without checking but hey ho the English language is a mystery. 

Anyway on to the point of this blog, I can finally, whole heartily, with every inch of my soul say I have stopped biting at bullshit. It has taken nearly 30 years but I am here! To give a quick explanation of what I mean, I will use a slightly ridiculous hypothetical (can spell that without spell check!) story. 

Sally is at a work conference about pencils, it’s two hours long with people she has never met and will never see again. A random guy says ‘I can buy black pencils for 5p each from the main supplier, I get so many great deals because I’m fantastic’ Sally knows the supplier he is taking about, the supplier doesn’t make black pencils nor would he sell them for less than 20p each. Every inch of her soul wants to call him out, screaming from the roof tops ‘your a liar and I’m gonna prove it!! She wants to tell him he’s full of shit and question him about the supplier not making black pencils and that there’s noway he would get that price. But sally thinks to herself, yes he’s a dick, and yes he’s lying but really who cares? I have nothing to prove and I’m never going to see these people again so she smiles and says ‘oh wow good for you’ and carries on with her day. End of story. 

A few days ago I was in a situation, kind of similar to Sally’s, the people around me were spouting crap like it was on tap. Lie after lie after exaduration after lie. A few years ago I could not of resisted bickering with these kind of moronic girls, not in an aggressive confrontational way more in a ‘your wrong and if I don’t let you know your wrong I’ll explode inside’ kind of way.  But I held my tongue the whole time, I didn’t say a word! I politely smiled and nodded and let them get on with it. I didn’t feel fusterated or angry at their foolishness, I quite simply didn’t care! So proud of myself for getting to this point in life. Of course to friends and family I slagged these girls off in a very repetitive manner until my heart was content but in the moment I really didn’t feel the need to get involved with their crap. 

Life 0 Me 1 


The Secret Blog of a 30 Year Old 

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  1. Love it ! It took me until I was 39 to reach that point (I’m a month off 40). Now, I really don’t give a rats what they say or do, even if it’s about me. If they are that sad, lonely and bored with their lives that they feel that they need to make up BS about me, well, good luck to them. And anyone else that ticks me off, well, I either walk away, or delete them from my Facebook friends !!! Life’s too short to worry about and waste time on morons.

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