Weird woman and personal space?!

Bit of a ramble here, but why are some people not aware of personal space? Seriously?! I’m quite a cuddley friendly person if I know you but I do have my limits with strangers in shops. Doing my weekly food shop today I came across a very odd woman, I was waiting in line to pay for my shopping and I could see said woman walking towards me. As she approached me I moved to the side thinking she was trying to get round me, as by this point we were literally touching. But she just stayed there. Just behind my right shoulder, hovering, breathing into my hair, just standing there. I turn around to see her face 6 inches from mine, I look at her, she looks at me… and smiles. I look away thinking surely she’s going to move but she just stands there. There was no one behind her forcing her to be that close to me, it was totally bizarre. I noticed she had a basket of shopping so at least she was queuing but why so close?!?!

 I would also like to say, just to set the scene, this woman would of been in her 50s, and incredibly normal looking. She wasn’t wrapped in tin foil screaming about aliens trying to read her mind, she was just your average female shopper. 

After a few minutes of this I really am that uncomfortable it’s making me itch, so I have to make the choice; do I move forward and try and escape or tell her to back the fuck up? As I really do like to shop in this establishment I decide plan A is probably my best option. I notice the queue has moved so I leap forward to put my shopping on the conveyer belt, once I’ve finished piling up my mince and chicken I take another big step forward. Thinking we all have lots of room now so there’s no need for my personal space to be invaded. But low and behold my arse magnet is back again RIGHT BEHIND MY FUCKING SHOULDER!!!! 

I just don’t understand why?! I also can’t put into words how agitated it was making me, I wanted at least 12 inches of clean air between myself and any other shopper or staff member in that shop. Is that too much to ask?! This was a rather pointless post but as you are slowly learning, I just love to share!!! 

The Secret Blog of a 30 Year Old

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