Annoying things about being fat 

I want to start this post by saying I realise being fat is my own doing, I am not under any illusion it’s anyone else’s fault or that life is ‘unfair’ because I’m over weight. Your life is what you make it and what you want it to be! Which is why I’m changing my life for the better and shifting this weight once and for all. So to motivate myself to keep going, and to keep away from the Easter eggs I thought I’d write down my top annoyances about being fat. I have lost over two stone but still have about 8 stone to go. So this post is from the perspective of someone who is very big, and how it effects my life.


1. Clothes

Apart from not being able to wear the clothes I really like, finding clothes my size is a nightmare. Very few shops stock my size and the ones that did are eradicating all plus size sections. Which means I have to order them online, which also means I need to order several sizes and styles as I have no idea what will fit or look good on my lump bumpy body. The choice could also be better,  just because I’m big does mean I don’t want to look good!! 


2. Chairs

Eugh chairs are the Bain of my existence and I’m sick to bloody death with them being a problem and missing out due to fear of not fitting or breaking something. Thankfully a chair has never buckled under my whale like weight, but I am guilty of slowly breaking garden chairs over time as they really arnt designed for someone as big as me. Recently I went to a friends house for a cuppa, when I saw her kitchen stools my heart sank as I knew there was no way they would take my weight, well they might of done but my faith in chairs is nonexistent. So like a knob I insisted on standing the whole time saying ‘no honestly I’m fine I prefer standing’ bless her I don’t think the chair issue would of even crossed her mind as she a healthy size but inside I was dying. I even ate lunch standing up. Out and about I have to look inside a cafe or restaurant before going in to check the seating situation, booths are my best friend! Don’t even get me started about the chairs at my children school for plays and performances. I either stand at the back or if I decide to brave a chair I’m leaning forward on my feet looking like I’m having a shit with the sweat pouring off of me in panic that it’ll break under me in front of everyone. Nothing is cute about that image. 


3. Being unaware of how much room I take up

This one is always really cringy, for example, I’m in a café having breakfast with my Mum. Its pretty packed and the tables are really close together, I need a wee so decide to brave it through the tables. I feel like a slinky snake thinking my two stone weight loss is paying off as I dart between the gaps with ease, one gap left to go, I quickly evaluated weither i’d fit or not. Feeling confidant I’ll fit I go for it, as i’m squishing through I realise I definatly don’t fit. The only reason I am getting through is because I’m  pushing both the ladies across the room while they’re still on their chairs, I was mortified. They were so sweet about it but holy hell I wanted to die with embarrassment. Another good example is fitting between wing mirrors in car parks, its gutting whenever im 100% sure I will fit and no matter what angle I try or how much I breath in. I simply wont fit, I feel like a walking fire hazard!!


4. The looks 

I think this is by far the worst thing on this list, the way some people look at me. To an extent I understand, I never in a million years thought I would become over weight (the story of that will come another time) and back in my skinny days I would look at people my size and think ‘dear god how did you let it get that far’ but now the shoe is on the other foot it really isn’t that fun. I was never nasty to anyone about their weight but I’d be lying if I said I didn’t look and judge. I get stared at a lot, and no it’s never in a positive way, more like someone looking at an animal in a zoo. I feel quite blessed I’ve never had a nasty comment or someone laugh at me but their eyes roaming my giant arse really says all they need to say. I have also found, since being bigger, a lot of people don’t smile back. This puzzles me as I’m a happy smiley person and would never not smile back at someone because of their weight. But it is the gods honest truth, people are far less friendly and far less willing to help. Not blowing my own horn but before the weight gain I was fit, healthy and attractive and I was used to a lot of male attention, not that I wanted it as I’m happy in my relationship of over 10 years, but male attention was a daily occurrence. Nowadays the only looks I get are kind of in disgust to be quite frank. I just find it strange as I know I’m a good person inside and I don’t see why my weight should effect how polite people are to me?
5. Weigh restrictions  

Last but not least we have weight restrictions. I don’t have a tonne of stories on this topic as I don’t put myself in the situations for this to be a problem very often. Although there is something that happened a few months ago that depressed me for days. As a family we were going to a local trampoline centre, it was myself my other half and our two children. My other half is a normal size who works hard on his body and he looks amazing. He was going to jump with the our kids. When I was a normal size I was really involved in these kinds of activities and was really out going. I had decided to surprise everyone by having a go and joining in, I was so excited as I knew they would all be happy I wasn’t going to be watching from the sidelines. When we arrived and got in the queue I was just about to tell my boyfriend that I was going to jump too when I saw a huge sign with the weight restriction, my heart sank as I realised I was too heavy. Not just a little bit too heavy, but about 4 stone too heavy. I didn’t even think my weight would of been an issue. There was no way I could jump as I would likely break something or seriously injure someone around me. So I plastered on a big smile and pretended everything was ok, and that I couldn’t wait to take photos and watch everyone have fun. It was a sad day for me inside, there was no way I was going to tell my family I was too fat to jump it was humiliating. This is actually what spurred me on to start loosing weight as I was sick of missing out. 

I’d love to hear what you hate about being over weight or what you’ve loved after loosing weight!! 

The Secret Blog of a 30 Year Old

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  1. I too am over weight but gaining the courage to lose it through yoga and cardio exercises. However, clothes just like you have been my down fall. Everything that is cute and hip doesn’t come in my size and if it does fit I look like a cherry tomatoes poping out ready to explode in front of everyone.

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  2. I really enjoyed reading your blog and it made me laugh multiple times. I have worked in the natural health and weight loss industry for over 30 years and have heard it all from my clients. I myself have always struggled to keep my weight off. You have a great attitude and I look forward to reading more of your blogs!

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  3. I love your honesty here and I wish you all the best on your weightloss journey. I’ve gone through similar stuff myself and having loss a few stone, it has completely change my life in ways I never even thought about.

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  4. I loved reading this. I have been overweight my whole life and struggle accepting myself daily. It’s nice to see these things that people don’t think about shared in a light and humorous way. Thanks!!!

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  5. I was skinny once too, 122 lbs. Then because of pregnancy, depression and anxiety i went up 100 lbs. After 2 years of dieting, no gluten, sugar, dairy, I lost 50 lbs. I was so proud, i bought new clothes, walked differently and got a man because my self esteem rose. Before with my weight plus low self esteem i walked with my head down, wearing baggy clothes and didn’t think i deserved any attention. Anyway, I’m still trying loose weight slowly but also learning it wasn’t my weight that held me back but my attitude about my weight.

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    • Aw Hun I know just how u feel! I doubled in size in the space of a year was heartbreaking! That’s AMAZING you e lost that much weight u should b so proud of your self 😊 your 100% right about the attitude. As soon as I changed mine and started accepting myself it finally started coming off! Xxxxx

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  6. I feel “normal” sized, life events of a wide variety got my weight loss started, but that is a long story. I am stilll considered obese by medical standards and use my hourglass figure and eclectic sense of style to disguise my weight…problem is I prefer to be naked and then there are no secrets. From being told “I would love to fatten you up” “I wouldnt find you as attractive if you lost your belly” to “wake up you are seriously obese” and “just 15 more pounds and you will be a goddess, but you already are” (oh that makes it better!); I try to fit in with fat people and they look at me like a bitch for being thinner and I am not thin or fit enoufh to fit in with the “healthy” people; so I am an island, as most obese people seem to say. I wear shorts and even a bikine and dont care who sees my rolls I crack jokes about making room for my wide load and play up the fact that wide hips made easy birth for my 7 kids and myself. I will push myself as far as I am comfortable and believe everyone should just make life a joy to live regardless of size, so I do what I am afraid to do stop denying myself the joy of living. Wishing you continued success!

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    • I can totally relate I used to be in the middle!!! The bigger ppl found me irritating for moaning about weight and the smaller ppl thought I had a lot to loose. It was frustrating! I would kill to be there now though lol. Wow u have 7 kids u must b rushed off ur feet! Thank u for ur comment and well wishes xxx

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  7. I find it really brace that you have written so honestly. I can’t even imagine what it must be like to struggle with weight and am sorry you have had some sad times, but I want one say good luck with the rest of your weight loss. It sounds like you have an amazing reason in your family to get your life back. X

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    • Aw thank u so much that’s so kind of u! The reason I wanted a secret Blog was to b able to write about EVERYTHING I’m finding it so therapeutic. Talking about things in my life I never thought I would. It’s been liberating! Just need to sort the rest of my weight out and I’ll b sorted lol xxx


  8. I love your honesty. Good stuff here that we can all learn from. thanks for sharing. Now I just need to find out what a stone is equal to. I’d also like to know more about slimming world. Meds weight gain is the most difficult to deal with. Thin and suicidal or fat and semi happy not suicidal. Hard to decide

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    • Thank you so much! Haha a stone is 14 pounds! Slimming world is amazing, it’s such a realist way to healthy eat. I’ll write a post all about it if you like? Your 100% right about the skinny and crazy or fat and happy that’s how I word it, even when the weight started piling on I felt so much better in myself I just let it happen as I’d never felt that way inside before it was eye opening. Xxx

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  9. I love how honest you are here while bringing humor to things that are actually really painful. Though I’m a writer, I haven’t found the courage to write candidly about being overweight. There isn’t a moment of any day when my weight isn’t at the forefront of my mind. It dictates every little thing that I do – whether I want it to or not. I am so insecure with myself that it’s hard to function sometimes and I end up turning down opportunities to be social or have fun as a result. One of the most irritating things right now is that I’ve noticed that my friends don’t ever think to set me up with a mutual guy-friend on a date unless the guy is also fat. It’s like they don’t think I’m good enough for a “normal” guy. They’ll be talking about some guy who’s good looking and single and I’ll be like “I’m single” and suddenly it’s “Oh, you wouldn’t like him”…. more like they don’t think HE would be with a FAT person, right? It’s also the fact that skinny girls are said to be so hot when they love food but I can’t even eat a salad in public without people judging me like “wow, you still have to eat? Your body can’t subsist off of your fat for a solid year?”

    And the worst part about all of these struggles with being fat is that the sadness/depression caused by feeling this way triggers me wanting to just binge eat everything without sight. It’s a gross cycle for me.

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    • Thank you so much for your comment. A few years ago there’s no way I could of spoken about this in the way that I do. It’s taken a lot of work and acceptance! I turn loads of things down too as sometime I can’t face it but from time to time I will push myself. That’s shitty about ur friends! My other half is slim/muscular and works out every day whereas I’m a big blob but we work great together lol I wasn’t a blob when we met but he still loves me 😂 I u understand that cycle, I’m either good as gold or binging there’s no in between. When I’m binging I feel soooo much worse so trying to focus on being as healthy as I can. It is a horrible circle and it’s so self damaging! Ur not alone hunni xxx


  10. I too am a big girl, at 1 metre, 67 cm’s. (just), and pushing 250 pounds. Clothes are a nightmare, and I find them very restrictive, especially bra’s which are hateful contraptions designed solely to stab, rub and restrict a girl’s ability to breathe. I tend to stick to supermarket brands and H&M for clothes, as their sizes are a little more forgiving than other clothing stores. I also have a problem with figuring out if I’ll fit or not, my depth perception is terrible, and I always think I’ll slink through a gap that’s obviously way too small for my tree trunk thighs… 🙂 I used to get disgusted looks from thin people, now I get them from all kinds of people, as at 44, I dress like an 80’s punk, with shaved head and mohawk… and I do not care at all. 😀

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  11. Girl, you are preaching my story. I’m 180 pounds right now. At my heaviest I was 199. I haven’t reached the “buying a second plane ticket” size but I get nasty looks and like you, I have missed the attention from the opposite (and sometimes same) sex. I applaud you for the weight you have lost so far. It’s frustrating but you are on the way. I’m attempting to go 30 days without added sugar which is great for shrinking the measurements, but my scale is stuck! I’m trying to make sense out of that one.

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  12. Wow. What a blessing. You are truly so special and I’m so glad that God has given you the courage to look within and also share with others what you are learning. I bet alot of people are being changed by your writings. This post has definitely made me more aware- especially of the need to be compassionate.


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  13. My Fiancé was severely over weight when we started dating. He’s lost 100 pounds since then, but what I hated most was going to the doctor with him and like an automated machine they just recite that he needed to lose weight. Regardless of the visit reason. We get that it’s something that causes health issues. I didn’t realize that it was the only thing that caused health issues. 😒

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  14. I started working on my weight in April and I’ve lost almost 30 pounds now. (I don’t know what “stone” is). I love the list of things you don’t like about being overweight, it seems like a good motivator for losing it.

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  15. You are an encouragement to lots of people! Thanks for liking my blog!
    evelyn at Here’s to Your Health! and
    you might be interested in my e-book At Eden’s Gate: Whole Health and Well-Being

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  16. I am a true fat chick.

    Today at chemo I weighed in at 302.
    At my highest weight in September of 2015 I was 359 pounds. Then I did something really stupid…

    I did the juice diet. Dumb move.

    I like many people broke my immune system and triggered a rare autoimmune disease.

    Okay I lost over 100 pounds because by October 2016 I was 240 pounds.

    I could sit in those cheep plastic garden chairs from hell and not have it sticking to my ass when I tried to stand up.

    I could cross my legs!

    I could go up and down steps confidently.

    Then the diagnosis came in and the drug treatments started… Prednisone is the main Blessing and Curse drug.

    I’m 50…And I’m very very sick.

    So…My advise?

    #1. Deal with the drama and trauma before trying to deal with the food.

    #2.Deal with the trauma and drama before trying to deal with the food.

    #3. Yep…Deal with the trauma and drama first.

    Then find something that makes you move.

    I found boxing.

    Yoga just pissed me off and every time I was trying to get ZEN I wanted to hit something, do now I go and hit things and get ZEN!

    The weight will change for me and you…But what goes on inside our heads…That is something others don’t see and the main reason for what they do see!


  17. I have to say I love how honest you are in this post. Most women don’t realize it but, big or not, a LOT of us are super conscious about our size! When you mentioned people looking at you or breaking chairs I thought to myself, “Ive got friends who are a bit over-weight and I’ve never once thought they might break my chair”. I think being overly conscious of our weight causes us to think ppl are staring…although, granted, there are a bunch of lames out there that will shamelessly stare, but screw them! I’m sure you’re doing great at losing weight and thank you for sharing this! I’m about 15lbs overweight for my size right now and I kind of beat myself up about it everyday, so I guess it’s good to know I’m not alone. Keep sharing!

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    • Thank you so much!! Until I was big they were things I’d never though about too. Thank god ive never actually broken a chair but the fear is real 😂 xx don’t beat itself up over 15 pounds I can tell from your comment your a lovely person xx


  18. I enjoyed your article. Please, get two books – The Hip Chick’s Guide to Macrobiotics by Jessica Porter and Cooking the Whole Foods Way by Christina Pirello. They’re available at thriftbooks or Amazon. Do try organic as much of the toxins in food have different effects on different people. Good luck.

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