Stupid things I did as a teenager-part one (the glow sticks)

You wouldn’t think it from my relatively normal life that I have now but I was a crazy teen, the kind of teen that even other teens worried about. I was reckless, had no inhibitions and loved to party, which as an adult has left me with a huge sense of fear for my own daughter as well some some weird and funny stories! Quick disclaimer, I’m not saying any of these things were a good idea or ‘cool’ these are simply my experiences I look back at and die inside. They can literally keep me up at night thinking about my stupidity and the danger I put myself in so I thought I would share them with the world in this series! I need to prewarn you, this story is full of disgusting details as well as pure stupidity, so be prepared to be mystified and appalled!


Yes you read that right, I DRANK glow sticks, those little sticks of poison? Yes this girl drank that shit! I was 16, maybe 17, and at a big old dirty festival. It was the height of summer, I was drinking none stop and having the time of my life. I had been separated from my friends for most of the day but was so off my face I was perfectly happy mingling and talking to strangers. Nice and safe I know, that could be part two of the series right there. My phone had died and trying to find them was like trying to find a needle in a haystack, so in true teenage style I just drank more and enjoyed the music.

As the evening progressed the atmosphere at this festival was off the charts, by this point it was late at night and there were only a few bands left to play. I met a group of people a bit older than me who seemed as crazy as me so I went with them to watch the last band of the night in the big tent. Halfway through the act one of the random guys I was with opened his back pack which was FILLED with glow sticks, he starts snapping them and flicking the liquid all over our clothes. In the strobe lights it looked awesome!!! I thought to myself  ‘wouldn’t it be cool to pour it in my mouth and spray it everywhere like a glowing deadly fountain?!’ So I reach into his bag which was on the floor and found two long thick glow sticks which conveniently had twist off lids (legally they need to change that to stop idiots like myself getting to the liquid!!!) I poured the liquid in my mouth, throwing my head back, closed my eyes and sprayed it up into the air! I could feel it running down my throat and coating my mouth, it’s tasted and smelt disgusting, but as everyone was cheering me on I decided to do it again, but this time I accidentally choked which caused me to swallow the majority of the glow stick. My drunken head at the time didn’t think ‘oh this is rather dangerous perhaps you should puke that crap up before it make you poorlie’ no no no, it was thinking ‘ahhh look at the colours the glowing colours!! This is fucking awesome!!!!!’ I did this several more times until the music finished and it was time to find my tent which I was sharing with one of the friends I had lost earlier that day, thankfully I knew where it was as by this point I was feeling really sick.

By the time I got to the tent I felt like I was dying, I threw up several times along the path causing everyone around me to scream in disgust but also stare as my sick was glowing green!! My friends were so relieved to see me as they spent the whole night looking for me, I told them in my drunken slur that I was ok but needed to sleep and I had drank too much which was making me puke. A few hours later I woke up shaking, as white as a sheet and throwing up all over myself. It was disgusting, my more than patient friend helped me out of tent and after maybe an hour of heaving and throwing up it clicked in my head, I drank glow sticks last night could this be why I was in agony?! After sheepishly telling my friend how stupid I had been she dragged me to the medical tent to get help, by the time we got there I was still constantly heaving but there was nothing left in my body to come up. When I thought my day couldn’t get any worse I was then told I would need to take an anti sickness tablet….but as I couldn’t keep anything down they wanted to put it…up my bum. That was the motivation I needed to keep that bloody tablet down!!!!

Thankfully I didn’t need to have my stomach pumped it could of been far worse than what it was, I was sooooo stupid, such a show off!! To this day, 14 years later, I can’t even look at a glow stick without remembering that taste in the back of my throat and that crazy festival weekend. Kind of strange I feel the need to share this story but recently things have been going round and round my head so I’m going the write them down and hope that settles them.

Keep an eye out for part two!  

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