Today I did something really brave!! 

I am overweight, not just a bit over weight, but really over weight. About 8 stone over weight if you wanted to know numbers. I was 10 stone overweight but recently I lost two stone and am on a mission to get my body back. Although I am big I do live a relatively  normal life; I have my own business, I do my children’s school runs, the food shopping house work etc. I am not refined to a bed or a chair so you get can that image out your head right now lol. I do have limitations with certain aspects of life but that will be another blog post all of its own! 

Since loosing two stone a lot of my aches and pains have gone, desperate to do some exercise (I used to run every day before I ballooned)  I started walking. Which, embarrassingly enough was something I couldn’t do very well before my small weight loss. My hips hurt which would lead to my back and feet hurting. I know it was due to the weight I was carrying, so please don’t feel the need the point that out lol. I’m walking the school runs as well as anywhere close enough to walk to, I’ve been really proud of myself for sticking at it even when I’m tiered or running late I’m ploughing on. I decided I should take up another form of exercise to speed the weight loss up. My chosen sport…..swimming. 

The thought of going to a swimming pool, in a swimming costume, being the size I am is daunting to say the least. The thought of seeing someone I know or being laughed at has kept me away from the water for a few years now. This week I decided to over come my fear. I am proud to say that today I actually went swimming, in a swimming costume, on my own!!!!! At my local pool where I could of bumped into anyone and everyone I know. And you know what, it was no where near as bad as I thought. I even managed to swim 26 laps, which for my first try I was more than happy with. I got in, swam, and got out feeling amazing afterwards. I enjoyed it so much I have bought myself a monthly swim pass and decided to take my kids as much as possible in the Easter holidays and start lap swimming 3 times a week when they are back at school.

So in conclusion, no one screamed there was a beached whale on the lose, no child pointed at me like they would an elephant at the zoo, there were no whispers between yummy mummy’s, in fact no one fucking cared!  All the worry and anxiety was in my head, who cares if I’m fat and wearing a swimming costume in public, the only person that did, was me. 

So I challenge you to step out of your comfort zone, do something FOR YOU and don’t give a damn what people think as it’s only you that is missing out in the long run.

The secret blog of a 30 year old 

X X X X X 


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