The Secret Blog of a 30 Year Old (my first blog post)

Trying to think of a funny, enticing unique introduction has actually been quite difficult. On my other blog (which I have had for a few years now) I started with my name and various other specific facts about myself. But that’s not the direction I want this blog to go, because, this blog……is a secret. No one in my life knows of this blogs existence, it’s ‘birth’ if you will, it’s my tiny corner of the internet that I’m keeping to myself.
“But you already have a blog” you may be asking yourself, and yes this is true but there are so many things I want and crave to write about and my other blog isn’t the place to do it. People in my ‘real life’ are subscribed and read my content, there’s a lot I wouldn’t want my friends family or customers to read. This blog is purely for me and I’m thinking of it a bit like a diary. I realise at 30 years old (eugh the sound of those words make me sick) a diary might seem a bit daft, but I think we should all have a way to express ourselves and get our frustrations out. Even if it’s in secret.

I’m not going to set a specific theme to the content on this page as that really limits me in the long run, I learnt that the hard way on my other blog. I’m hoping to write about anything and everything that takes my fancy, if I’m feeling inspired or stressed this is where I shall go! There will be swearing, laughter, sweat and tears, along with me defiantly oversharing, but I’m feeling excited and like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders. I’ve wanted to do this for the longest time but couldn’t quite take the leap, until today.

Im not saying I have the most exciting and thrilling life and it deserves a platform, this is more about getting things of my chest and doing what I love, which is writing from the heart and making people laugh. 

I’ll be posting again soon so if you feel like reading more of my random thoughts and antics, give me a follow!

the secret blog of a 30 year old





  1. I love your introduction… so relatable. I have so many ‘secret’ blogs. If my parents read my blog, I’d end up in court. If my ex-husband or kids ever read my blog, he’d probably kill me, and my kids would never speak to me again. And if anyone who truly knows me read my blog, I’d be certified and trussed up in a strait jacket. 😀 It’s all therapeutic though, and sometimes has me laughing my ass off at myself. I sometimes can’t believe just how easy it was living a double life. Weird huh.? Thankfully, I’ve finally made it to adulthood, of sorts, and have toned the crazy down to small bursts of insanity. 😀

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